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THE ORMUS GLOW. Special minerals used by ancients to increase their rate of manifesting and to AWAKEN THE DIVINE SELF WITHIN. Supports peace of mind, youthful energy, glowing skin and libido. It has been called "Elixir of Youth", "Philosepher's Stone", "Food of the Gods", Monatomic Gold, ORME & mono atomic minerals.

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24K Gold Ormus

Gold • 85+ Naturally Occurring Minerals


Many of the mechanism for Golds phenomenal benefits are unclear to modern science, but gold has been used by nearly all major civilizations of the world to induce and promote beauty, youth regeneration, and a healthy glowing complexion. Gold, as a mineral is easily absorbed and utilized by the body, is completely non toxic, and has no known negative drug interactions with medications. The ancient romans used gold to cure skin problems, and medieval Europe used it to treat soreness and body aches.

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