How Do I Take Ormus?

Because our Ormus is very concentrated, start with just one full dropper, sublingually or swishing it around in your mouth before swallowing, twice per day. You can also put it in your coffee, mix it with a little bit of water & lemon or add it to your food. You can gradually start to use more as you become more comfortable with it. You can use it every day and multiple times a day, or you can simply use it before meditations, meetings, or practice.


Does your Ormus have an expiration date?

No. It is pure & non-perishable.


Is Ormus addictive?

No. Ormus is not addictive, but actually will help people break addictions.


How long does it take to notice the effects of Ormus?

The experience is different for everyone. Many factors determine how long it will take for you to notice the effects of Ormus, but the usual feedback is between the first usage and the first two weeks, and the effects increase over time with daily use.


I am new to Ormus, Shilajit and CBD, which elixir is best for me?

All of our elixirs are natural and provide a wide range of health benefits. Generally, it is best to use all of our elixirs. 


I am new to Ormus, which elixir should I start with?

It is recommended to start with Elysium if you have never used Ormus, CBD, or Shilajit before. 


Are your elixirs safe to take while pregnant or breastfeeding?

It is recommended that people pregnant or breast-feeding consult their health care practitioner prior to using if pregnant or breastfeeding. 


How much of your elixirs should I take?

Consult with your healthcare practitioner, but the general recommendation is 3 droppers full per day. This can be broken into 1 dropper full 3 times per day. Start small, with 1 dropper full per day. Gradually you can increase your dosage to 3 droppers full, 3 times per day for stronger effects.


Can I take too much Ormus?

Technically, you can take too much of anything. Less is more, sometimes. It is recommended that you stick to our recommendation of between 1 & 9 droppers full per day. 


My dropper only fills up half way, is that a full dropper?

Yes, the dropper only fills about half way and that is considered a dropper full. 


How often should I take your elixirs?

It is recommended to use our elixirs in the morning to full you through your day, before meetings and/or events you want to be more tapped into, and before sleep for deeper more restful sleep. 


How do I take your elixirs?

To feel the effects most sensitively, take our elixirs on an empty stomach. You may also drop it under your tongue, which allows it to enter the blood stream faster. Or, you can add it to drinks and food.  


What are your elixirs flavored with?

All of our elixirs are flavored with organic, natural, proprietary essential essences.


Do your elixirs need to bee refrigerated. 

No, refrigeration is not required, but it will help to keep them more fresh. Ormus does not benefit from refrigeration whatsoever. 


Is it true that Ormus should be kept away from light?

Yes, but our Ormus is in special bottles that protect it from destructive light waves.


How do I store your elixirs?

It is best to keep Now Alchemy elixirs in a cool, dark place, away from Heavy EMF fields.