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ONENESS features 3 special ingredients that bring you into 2020 with the fuel necessary to overcome all of the stress, limits, and challenges of the 2019 speed bumps and hurdles  2019. 


  1. FULL SPECTRUM: Contains all of the necessary phytocompounds and phytocannabinoids necessary for the CBD to be fully assimilated and purposed by your body. We do not work with isolated CBD because hexanes and other highly unnatural and unhealthy chemicals are used in the separation process.
  2. BIODYNAMIC: All of our hemp is grown on sacred land, prayed to and harvested around planetary and moon arrangements for optimum quality and benefits. We infuse our alkaline soils with Ormus Gold, rich minerals, pro-biotics, crystals and other special tools to raise the vibration of this powerful plant healer.
  3. ORGANIC: From seed to bottle all of our hemp is completely chemical free. We do not use any harsh chemicals in the process of growing, extracting, or nano-enhancing.
  4. POWERFUL: With 3,000mg of full spectrum hemp extract you can be sure that you will fully experience the benefits of this special elixir. 
  5.  NANOENHANCED: By nanoenhancing our hemp extract we increase its effectiveness times ten. That means that it would require 30,000mg of Hemp oil to be as effective as 3,000mg of nanoenhanced hemp extract. It is suspended in water instead of oil, and as you know the body is about 80% water so the CBD is able to absorb immediately. With an oil the CBD takes about 2-3 hours to absorb and nearly90% of the CBD is lost in the process.


  1. COMPLETE PRECIOUS METAL FUSION: While most Ormus is simply the mineral extract version, which is still great, it does not contain the power of the precious metals. Our Ormus Plus contains Gold, Platinum, Palladium, Ruthenium, Rhodium, Iridium, Osmium, and Silver, as well as over 100 minerals from the Dead Sea, Cyprus Sea and Himalayan Sea.
  2. SACRED: We charge our Ormus with solfeggio frequency and special crystals 24/7.
  3. CHAKRA CLEARING: Our Ormus is infused with hydrosols of Frankincense, Myrrh, Rose, and Egyptian Blue Lotus and suspended in purified Mount Shasta Water, the Root Chakra of the planet. 
  4. MADE IN-HOUSE: While we source certain ingredients from other biodynamic and organic farms and harvested from around the world, Ormus is what started Now Alchemy, and we have been making our own special form for ten years. You won't find another ormus made with such integrity, love, gratitude and meticulous attention to detail.


  1. DUEL EXTRACT: Duel extraction means that you get 100% of the benefits from this powerful mushroom.
  2. WILD HARVESTED: Wild Harvested in Oregon and carrying with it the consciousness of the forest and Earth.
  3. LIPOSOMAL: These intelligent and highly evolved mushrooms have intelligent mechanisms for keeping themselves from being absorbed into another being who may want to eat it and benefit from its nutrients. Our custom liposomal delivery systems ensure that you can all of the benefits from this special species. 


SUGGESTIONS PER USE: Use 1/2 dropper full as often as you would like for at least 90 consecutive days. It is recommended to use 3 full droppers per serving, up to three times per day. You may simply apply each dropper under your tongue, or add to food and/or drink. It easily mixes in water.