Now Alchemy Philosophy

"As Above So Below" 

We believe the physical body is a manifestation of the emotional body. Therefore physical dis-ease is the result psychological dis-ease. Our potions are formulated to create emotional and psychological harmony first, in balancing the mind, body and spirit so that repair can take place on all realms. These aren't just products, they are sacred remedies, as such, none offer physical benefits alone. All of our products offer both physical and spiritual benefits.  



Scientists of Organic BioChemistry. Doctors of naturopathy. Sherpas from around the world. 


We unify the most advanced scientists, naturopathic doctors, herbalists, and shamans from around the world, sourcing the highest quality organic ingredients from the most mysterious and desolate countries in order to bring you magic in a bottle. Now Alchemy is not just for the health and wellness community, but for all people seeking to become their greatest version of self. When manifesting Now Alchemy, Archer's dream was to create a company that would provide the same natural herbs and superfoods that he uses daily and in the most bioavailable and organic form as possible with modern advancements in technology. We utilize nano enhancement techniques, duel extractions, organic preservatives, all natural ingredients  and the highest quality sources on the planet. Today Now Alchemy provides you with the same impeccable nutraceuticals that Archer personally uses daily to help remain balanced, activated and aware through his personal struggles in this human form, which include depression, anxiety and PTSD.

Our Founder 


Archer Love is an alchemist, formulator, shamanic psychic psychologist, poet and conscious heartrepreneur with a University of Arizona accomplished background in science, chemistry and psychology, an Air Force trained munitions specialist, self taught Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine wizard, and above all - a yogi. For decades Archer has been studying organic wellness since at a young age watching the physical and psychological health of his parents collapse due to uneducated dietary habits and inadequate nutritional intake.  His personal quest for healing began after he was discharged from the military with anxiety and depression due to PTSD. What he found was that natural substances like Ormus, CBD, Shilajit, Kava Kava, Ashwagandha, and so many other nutraceuticals, all had their own unique way of balancing, healing, and enlightening the mind, body and spirit. In practicing and experimenting with these natural remedies, Archer noticed there were no truly organic, ethical, trustworthy sources and became passionate about creating a source that he would feel safe using himself. And so he created Now Alchemy as a high vibration company with integrity routed in love, gratitude, and abundance, a company he could feel safe using personally and feel good giving to friends and loved ones.  

Overcoming Depression, Anxiety and PTSD

Anxiety and depression can be a thing of the past. Our hope is that Now Alchemy elixirs will support your healing process and take you far beyond what you thought your human potential was. 

"Be The Change" 



Love Gratitude Abundance 

Today Now Alchemy ships ancient, organic, and all natural remedies all around the world. We donate to several organizations which give back to local communities, and our vision is to help support those with physical and psychological ailments of all ages, races, genders and origins. Every time you purchase an item from Now Alchemy you are not just buying a product for yourself, you are supporting a global movement of betterment. We honor and thank you for your support. 



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