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Now Alchemy

Unifies ancient technologies with advanced science to fully actualize nature's greatest potential. Utilising the world's most natural and cutting-edge absorbption technologies. Now Alchemy potions are designed to synergistically amplify the benefits of each ingredient while allowing your body to absorb their key nutrients at maximum rates and effectiveness.

Meet Archie Love

ARCHER LOVE, Alchemist, Author, Shamanic Pycologist, Founder of Now Alchemy


Archer's journey in medicine began when he was discharged from the Air Force with service connected depression and anxiety. He set out to heal his mind, and in the process completed the pre-med curriculum at the University of Arizona where he excelled finding his passion for organic chemistry and micro-biology, but not until he began making ormus gold did Archer find his calling. Today Archer is known by journalists and critics as the ormus king and pioneer of organic nanoenhanced technologies, as he has literally created an industry for ormus gold and has revolutionized elixirs with his patent pending nanoenhancement processes.


To Archer, alchemy is the relationship between consciousness and matter, and the awareness of how consciousness shapes matter. That's why Now Alchemy's sacred laboratory is crystal gridded and harmonized with healing solfeggio frequencies 24/7.


There is no other supplement company with such a heart of gold. Archer was so passionate about bringing Ormus into the world that he overcame the struggles of homelessness and poverty while letting nothing stop him from making the worlds best Ormus. For three years Archer lived out of his car and made the worlds best Ormus in temple and church kitchen's. Now, thanks to faith and discipline, we have the world's most sacred laboratory.

All Natural Nanoenhancing

With years of meticulous trial and perfecting, Archer single handedly pioneered the most effective, safe, enjoyable and pure method of nanoenhancing superfood derived ingredients that maximizing their effectiveness and absorption without using harsh chemicals like other nanoenhancing companies or destroying their natural qualities.

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Globally donating potions daily


On a daily basis Now Alchemy donates these healing potions all around the world to our social media community, non-profit organizations, and those in need. Every time you purchase a potion from Now Alchemy you are not just buying a one for yourself, you are supporting a global movement of betterment and providing for someone in less favorable financial circumstances. We honor and thank you for your support and partnership.


To receive a free bottle of Ormus, follow @NowAlchemy on Instagram, and comment on our posts adding #Monoatomicgold to your comment. We randomly select and shoutout a winner every day from these comments.


All of our ingredients and potions are tested and assayed by an outside, independent laboratory for potency, purity, safety and effectiveness.

Our ethics are always striving to meet the highest quality standards and forever evolving.

We never use sugars, stevia, xylitol, or artificial sweeteners.

Tested & proven

Purity &

Sacred laboratory