Private Label

We provide bulk ingredients, and private labelling for your supplement needs. When you chose Now Alchemy's sacred laboratory you know you are providing the absolute best for your customers. We do not use synthetic emulsifiers or extractions. All of our processes are completely organic, with the absolute highest quality of ingredients available.

Biodynamic: We work with biodynamic, integrity minded farmers who add our notorious Ormus to their soils. Working directly with farms allows us to keep our prices as low as possible to maintain the highest possible accessibility. 

Sacred: Alchemy is the relationship between consciousness and matter. Our laboratory is not designed to just make products, it is designed to heal. We utilize crystal grid technologies of citrine, moldavite, black onyx, ruby, and emerald, as well as harmonizations of solfeggio frequencies 24/7. The pattern, shape and movement of atoms within this potion reflects that of love, abundance, gratitude, and magnificence. Part of what makes Now Alchemy unique is that we aim to provide healing on both the physical and energetic plains. As Above, So Below.

Exclusive Now Alchemy Absorption Technologies: As with all of our potionsElysium is made and packaged in the exclusive, sacred, Now Alchemy laboratory using all natural ingredients. We do not use chemicals for our liposomal encapsulations, our nanoenhancing, or our micellizing, which is part of what makes our taste and quality superior. We also do not outsource for manufacturing or packaging. Making these potions in small, sacred batches and handing them straight over to you allows us to keep prices lower than the market norm while quality remains higher. You can be sure that when you invest in a Now Alchemy potion you are not only getting the best for your health, but you are also helping to support the mission of spreading health to as many beings as possible.  

Global Community: With every bottle that you purchase you are supporting the donation of a bottle to someone in less fortunate financial circumstances. This offering is both karmically beneficial and catalyzing to your own manifesting of abundance. We donate bottles of Ormus to battered woman's and children's centers, homeless organizations, veterans associations, eating disorder clinics, and people in need world wide. Now Alchemy is not just a business, it is a family, and we all support each other. Thank You For Being Here.

For partnerships involving bulk ingredients and private labeling contact our founder,