Jeremy Piven

I have experienced a really great shift with the
Ormus. It helps me tap into character on the first
take time after time, rather than two or three.*

Nadine Nicole Heimann

Now Alchemy Ormus loves me. And I love it. It’s literally sending me clear thorough visions to create .. A new entire film from start to finish just envisioned in my mind. This is opening up channels in a whole new light. I love it. 🙂*

Blessed Customer

I would like to give you some feedback on your product. I am an alcoholic, not a day drinker or heavy drinker, or go out and party type, I just use it to sleep at night. About 1-2 hours before I go to bed, I mix up a few cocktails in a sustainable way, organic vodka from a sustainable farm, high quality spring water, some organic cucumber and an organic lime, I measure everything precisely so that I consume the same amount every night to ensure a good night sleep. I have been doing this for a while and one day upon meditation I was focusing on a way to reduce my alcohol consumption, at the end of my meditation, the message "super plant" was sent to me loud and clear. So after meditating I googled "super plant", the most commonly mentioned plant was Hemp/Cannabis, I read up on it, then I exited my search and opened my Instagram feed and the first thing that popped up was Shaman Durek holding a bottle of Elysium (this all happened about maybe 8 months ago). I bought it and after taking one serving every morning for 1 week, my alcohol tolerance dropped by 30-35% and it has been this way ever since! Thank you!*


I got the 24k Ormus Gold and it hasn't even been a month and I've been having very powerful results. I've been awakening all kinds of spiritual/psychic gifts lately and the Ormus has been amplifying that awakening process exponentially! You are such a blessing for bringing this to the world.

Zarina Avatara S.

This is by far the best Ormus I have every had. And I have tried a lot of Ormus, all of them, pretty much… I use this amazing, super charged Ormus every day.*

Mitch and Jade

When you start working on multidimensional planes, the products you use to support your nutrition and overall wellbeing have to match the frequency that your’e sending out. For quite some time we have been sending out very specific intentions and weren’t getting the results we wanted as fast as we’d liked. It felt like something was off in our systems both energetically and physically. Then we met Archer and it was an instant connection! We knew right off the bat that Ormus was going to help us open up and bridge the gap from the physical world to source energy and allow for our manifestations to make themselves known in the physical. Within a week of taking this Ormus we brought in more clients, our meditations were deeper, our energy was higher and more focused, and most of all we are fully here. It dropped us into a much deeper state of presence and this is coming from a couple that works on these things on a daily basis. I’m so grateful for this 4th dimensional powerful alchemy that Now Alchemy has created. Thank you, truly Archer.
Infinite Love Always!
Mitchell and Jade*

Mazlow Petosa

I was amazed at how fast I could feel the effects! This Ormus gives me an immediate feeling of clear headedness. Combined with meditation it could be a powerful tool for relaxation and manifestation.*

Priya Goel

Im a health freak, and always on the look out for new different products at rawliving.com and something that will support my health and wellness. I’ve heard great things about Ormus but never tried it until my eyes gained attention at the beautiful bottle and description of Now Alchemy Egyptian Blue Lotus Ormus. I went ahead and bought it. On the first three occasions I followed as the instructions mention on the bottle, take one dropper full under the tongue and on empty stomach etc..Taste is very clean, fresh, and pure. I did experience positive goodness stuff etc..until i decided why not pour more of this goodness liquid than just a dropper full etc…of the Ormus Egyptian blue into a glass of pure water. Gosh after drinking the glass an hour later, my energy levels were high, mental clarity..was fab..really potent powerful stuff going on.. for real. Lastly as a pet owner of two cats I take great importance in their health too. I add a few drops in their water bowl and there is this lovely energetic coming out from them. Thanks for this beautiful creation.*


I’m no ormus connoisseur, but i’ve had a fair amount of experience using it mostly with ascended health’s products. but archers’s formula gives me an alertness i’ve never felt before – whereas before, i didn’t notice any tangible results. i think this is an amazing value, appropriately priced.*

Valentine Okechi

I highly recommend the Ormus and CBD. Ormus has helped me sleep better and go about my morning with a clearer mind. I have always been an advocate for CBD but Now Alchemy provides a truly unique formula that has helped me feel balanced, and it comes at a very good price when you compare the extraction method, concentration, and volume to that of other companies out there.

Blessed Customer

I would like to take a moment to express my gratitude for you, the company you’ve created, and the way you show up in this life. I had tried your product before hearing you on Shaman Durek’s podcast, and hearing your heart on his show confirmed my experiences. The level of service that your company provides is an inspiration for all business owners. Serving the greater good and providing for our loved ones absolutely can exist in the same breath. I am on a heart healing journey of remembrance and unlearning, and truly in the midst of another ashes to phoenix cycle. My latest order arrived in divine timing the day after I received an accepted offer on a new home in a new village with new opportunities to build community, as well as create the healing business I know will serve the greater good. I have always served heart first in business, and appreciate you sharing your heart through your work.*