Detox is formulated to help the bod release heat metals, food and water toxins, air pollutants, drug toxicity, liver buildup, fungus, mold, parasites and viruses.


Just as a fire clears the way for new beginnings and opens space for magic to energy, so does detoxing clear your vessel, mind and spirit. As above, so below. A cleanse within is a cleanse outwardly also. Just as a cleansing protocol can have detox symptoms, so can losing things we love. So lets remember that all things are coming together for the greater good of the whole, and to bring us closer to the light, even though at times it may seem painful. This detox elixir contains ingredients which help your body purify the pollutants caused by fire, chem trails, off gases, foods and toxic waters. We can accept what is, and let go of that which does not empower our spiritual awakening, to live a truly inspired life. We can forgive those who have harmed us and find peace, and we can forgive ourselves for harming others to step into our greatest versions and be of better service to this world. 

Nano Enhanced
Great Taste
Sugar Free
Easily Mix in Food or Water
All Natural


Long used to detox the body and cleanse the pineal gland. We manufacture all of our Ormus in-house using crystals, solfeggio frequency, and positive affirmations inn a sacred manner.

Known for its ability to cleanse the gut and intestinal track, clearing away bad bacteria and recolonizing it with healthy, stronger bacteria. Shilajit is negatively charged, so it can help to remove positively charged particles such as parasites and molds.

For removing heavy metals from the body.

For cleansing and purifying the blood.

A blood cleaner and virus detoxifier that has been shown powerful benefits even against Aids.

A powerful antioxidant that helps the body create Glutathione, the King of antioxidants.

An immune system booster that helps destroy funguses and parasites.

For cleansing the digestive track and destroying parasites.

For Asma and liver support.

One of, and possibly the worlds most powerful heavy metal detoxifying agent.

SUGGESTIONS FOR USE: Take 1-3 droppers full(each dropper fills up 50-75%), under the tongue 1-3 times per day, or as recommended by your health care professional or personally desired. Hold under your tongue for 15 seconds before swallowing, apply topically, or add to food and or drink. 120 droppers per bottle. Effects are more noticeable on an empty stomach. Great to use daily to keep the body cleansed and detoxing.