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24K Gold Ormus Chakra

While there are many companies providing what they call “Ormus”, few, if not none, actually contain gold and are made in a sacred manner. You deserve the blessed. To be sacred is to give thanks to the divine. While most Ormus, as with most products, are made for profit, Now Alchemy makes Ormus to give you an experience of heaven. And that is all we want. Utilizing ancient methods of blessing all of our materials with prayer for love, gratitude and abundance for all of those who partake, never concerning about cost, and only thinking about quality. Most companies consider cost over quality, but that is a lack mindset and a scarcity consciousness that is energetically blue printed onto it’s Ormus and passed onto their customers. Now Alchemy has a deep understanding for the sacred, and an honor for the divine that transfers through to bless all those who partake with love, gratitude and abundance consciousness. Because this isn’t a business, it’s a blissness, and we aren’t here to make customers, we are here to make health.

Energy - Focus - Calm - Glow - Meditate - Manifest


  • Remaining busy for longer without getting overwhelmed
  • Looking and feeling younger
  • Deeper more restful sleep
  • Third eye activations
  • Faster manifesting Relaxed nerves
  • Increases memory
  • More harmony in life
  • Being in a meditative state
  • Elevation of negative behavior & thoughts
  • Increased spiritual and physical awareness
  • Increased spiritual “connectedness”
  • Increased psychic phenomenon
  • More endurance
  • Easier time meditating
  • Faster thought processing
  • Increased dream lucidity
  • Increased sex drive
  • Increased creativity
  • Increased motivation
  • Increased metabolism
  • Help with symptoms of ADD & ADHD
  • Alleviation of cravings and addictions
  • Less fat & more muscle
  • Less hunger cravings
  • Leaner body
  • Balancing of the chakras
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Accelerated or even miraculous healing
  • Increased Synchronicities
  • Alleviation of stress & anxiety
  • Increases sense of overall well-being
  • Attracting more Love & better relationships

Gold has been in healing throughout the history of civilization. The Ancient Egyptians used it to access higher states of consciousness, awaken the divine self within, and achieve a youthful appearance for super human amounts of time. Queen Cleopatra put it on her skin and called it the “Elixir of Youth”. For hundreds of years Gold was used to treat and cure alcoholism. But Now Alchemy does not make any claims to cure or treat any diseases due to FDA restrictions. There are companies making Ormus that do not have gold inn their products. All of Now Alchemy’s Ormus is not only sent to outside independent laboratories to ensure that Gold is present before bottling.

Anti-Aging Minerals
These minerals are the building blocks of life. It is the minerals that allow for the electric flow that connects you to all of life in this Universe. It is the minerals that allow for cellular communication within your body. Mineral deficiencies through the entire body out of balance and cause rapid aging. Taking this ancient and proprietary blend of special minerals on a daily basis, or as directed by your doctor. Minerals make up the hair, skin, bones, and allow for the proper functioning of your eyes, hearing, mind, and all other body systems. "The Ormus Glow" is a common experience with people who put Ormus topically on their skin and add it to their drinks, as it not only removes and destroys harmful bacterias, but also has a magical way of replenishing the skin and aiding in cellular nourishment. People who take Ormus on a daily basis for long periods of time report looking years younger.

Nourish your spirit. In-light-in your soul. Revitalize your body.
The ancients used Ormus to enhance prayer, meditation, manifesting and spiritual awareness such as the sixth senses, psychic and intuition abilities. Modern scientists believe it is the Ormus' activity on the pineal gland to thank for it's ability to awaken the divine self within. Commonly experienced spiritual benefits include colorful lucid dreaming, faster manifestation of your dreams and goals from the etheric realm into the physical realm, and a great sense of connectivity, synchronicity and oneness with nature and the surrounding environment.

Many have reported that using Now Alchemy Ormus daily has cleared their skin of ACNE that seemed impossible to get rid of. If you are using Ormus for ACNE simply add 1 dropper to a glass of water, mix it, and drink it. Or use as recommended by your doctor. You can also add a couple drops to your skin and rub it in. Do this at least once per day and you should notice significant improvements within days.

Pre-Meditation - TAP INTO THE NOW
Ormus studies show that it may help to balance the left and right hemispheres of the brain, which increases the occurrence of alpha and theta brain waves and helps to put people into what is commonly referred to as “The Zone”. For this reason, Ormus is a great supplement to assist you in your meditation practice, or for anything else that requires focus and attention. It has also been shown to help people with ADD and ADHD remain calm and focussed, and this is most likely the cause of such magical benefits.

Ormus has a mysterious and magical ability to help reduce period cramping and muscle cramps. In this way it is incredible for athletes and those who like to stay active without letting the pain from cramps hold them back. For cramps use one full dropper three times per day, or as recommended by our doctor.

Brain Function - POSITIVE MOOD
Much of Ormus' positive benefits are known to come from it's potential ability to support the pineal gland, also known as "The Seat of the Soul". Scientists call the Pineal Gland the Seat of the Soul because it is the first thing that begins to develop within an embryo, it is quite literally where the soul first begins to take shape within the physical realm, and all of the being begins to develop around this device. The pineal gland can be thought of as the regulatory chip for the entire vehicle, the body. It is activated during birth, death, sleep and orgasm. Many shamanic plant medicines mimic the effects of pineal gland activation as they flood the body with mega-doses of the same compounds created naturally by the pineal gland. The Pineal gland is responsible for the production of Melatonin(sleep patterns and tissue repair), Serotonin(the feel good hormone) and DMT(the God molecule). The Pineal gland also regulates the Pituitary gland’s function and helps with the balancing of hormones throughout the entire body. So the Pineal gland is a staple for over all health, well-being and longevity, but unfortunately this extremely important gland is not addressed in the standard diet and health care system. This is why Ormus Gold is a must for all who desire to fulfill their potential in health and performance and should be used daily as part of a healthy, productive, happy and successful lifestyle.

Mineral Deficiency - IN-LIGHT-IN YOUR BE-ING
River water and soils used to be rich in minerals, but now that people are depending on bottled waters and tap water people are depleted in these vital minerals. It is infinitely important for anyone’s well-being, longevity, health and fulfillment of potential that they supplement themselves with minerals, and Now Alchemy Ormus is the best choice for minerals.

Some of the minerals present in Now Alchemy Ormus are known to detox the body by getting rid of parasites, molds, funguses, pathogens and in this way it can even help with arthritis and hunger cravings.

Bottled in Protective Glass - TO MAINTAIN IT’S HIGH VIBRATION
Now Alchemy Ormus is bottled inn a very special glass called Miron. Miron is made of ultra-violet vibrations so that it only lets ultra violet light through. This not only protects the Ormus inside from being negatively blue printed and impacted by the outside environment and handling, it also changes it with violet frequency.

Global Shipping - We will ship anywhere
We ship all of our Ormus in protective material to keep it safe from EMFs and we store it in special miron glass only letting Ultra Violet and Violet light through. Other spectrums of light will drop the vibration of the Ormus, so company’s selling Ormus in regular glass or in plastic bottles are losing the Ormus’s energetic potentials each second it is stored, while Now Alchemy is actually charged by miron glass while it is stored.

Easily Mix in Food & Water
For Internal Health: Set a positive affirmation(I am statement), then apply 1 dropper under your tongue and hold for 15 seconds while meditating on your affirmation. Use 1-3 times per day. You can mix it into water and drink easily if you prefer. For Beauty Aid: Apply 3 drops to the face and rub into the skin. Excellent for acne. (50ml / 50 Servings)